Cotton Candy Flavor Concentrate



Flavor Description: Cotton Candy flavoring is a sweet treat, tasting like spun sugar that you used to have to wait to get at carnivals or the circus.

This is a flavor concentrate, NOT E-JUICE! This is to be used to mix with your e-juice to enhance the flavor, or to make your own. DO NOT vape this straight.

Our Flavor Drops are USP Food Grade Kosher, water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavor concentrates. The highly concentrated nature of our Flavor Drops allows us to deliver a superior flavor concentrate, free from preservatives and stabilizers. Our Flavors are proudly made with the finest ingredients in the USA.


•DIY eJuice

•Diet Shakes, Smoothies and Protein drinks

•Baking and Frosting

•Breakfast, Oatmeal and Puddings

•Cocktails & Other Mixed Drinks

•Coffee, Tea, Espressos and Lattes

•Italian Sodas and Flavored Water •Desserts, Sherberts and Shave Ice